The Montana Wolf Management Plan

As imperiled wildlife, wolves were placed under the protection of the Endangered Species Act to ensure their recovery in Montana and across the Northern Rockies. An important part of that recovery is transferring management of wolves to the states. For that critical step to take place, Montana and the other states must produce workable plans that ensure sound science-based management and sustainable wolf populations.

Montana Plan Summary

The Montana Wolf Management Plan was finalized after a lengthy process that gathered input from a wide spectrum of interested stakeholders. On the positive side, the plan contains language stating the Department of Fish, Wildlife & Parks’ commitment to the successful recovery of the wolf in Montana, as well as recognition of the wolf as an integral part of Montana’s wildlife heritage. Also, the plan does, indeed, approach management of wolves in a similar manner to management of other game such as bears and mountain lions.

What Could Be Improved

Though much of the plan is solid, we believe it is short on substantive conservation standards for achieving its stated intent. We are also concerned that Montana FWP continues to place a heavy emphasis on lethal control of “problem wolves” in lieu of proactive, non-lethal, wolf-livestock conflict avoidance measures.

Read the Full Plan

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